Would you like to fit into your favourite dress or jeans again?

You probably think it would take hours in the gym or cutting out your favourite foods.

I want to show you how that absolutely is not the case.

Don’t take my word for it; take it from the story of a current client of mine.

“I had put on a lot of weight and it was affecting my health and self-esteem, I bought an exercise bike and some weights, went to other gyms but I wasn’t motivated. That all changed when I met Martin. I learned so much about my body and what I am capable of doing when I push myself.

Achieving my fitness goals has helped me feel so much better about myself too. I’ve lost nearly 40lbs and I’m down 4 dress sizes. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and I’ve done loads of new things that I wouldn’t ever have tried like boxing and lifting weights.

Martin is the best! It’s really fun working out with him. Every session is different. He will push you because he knows what you’re capable of before you do.

He is the best trainer and I recommend him to everyone. I lost myself for a while and he gave me all the guidance I needed to find myself again and I’m a stronger, healthier me because of him.” – Gemma Monaghan

All this took was a dedicated approach to training and nutrition.

Methods I can show you to help you save time and effort in the gym, improve your health and fitness and discover a new found confidence.

Most importantly you could eliminate the pain of feeling uncomfortable in your skin and be happier with your new body.

Allow me to introduce you to the…

Fit, Strong and Confident Transformation.

With this transformation you’ll gain so much more confidence when you see the changes in the mirror.

  • Toned arms
  • A slimmer waist
  • Stronger glutes and thighs
  • And glowing skin

Not only will you see these amazing physical changes but the benefits to your mental and physical well-being are just as, if not more important.

You could also expect to relieve stress, anxiety and depression as well as improve sleep and your immune system.

Almost all of these benefits were felt by Claire, who was kind enough to share her incredible story.

“I had been going to the gym for years, usually to stroll on the treadmill listening to a podcast or doing a few squats here and there. Surprise surprise… I never quite got the results I wanted. I found the gym (especially weights), to be quite overwhelming and intimidating as I didn’t really know what I was doing.

One day, not long after getting engaged, I decided to contact Martin through his website to see if I could learn how better to train to get results. From day 1 Martin was extremely professional and attentive, and his instruction and encouragement was clear and concise. I trained with Martin on a weekly basis for the months leading up to my wedding, and the results truly speak for themselves.

 I am now educated about the training I should be doing for MY body, and no longer intimidated by anything in the gym. Within 2 or 3 sessions I was lifting heavier weights than I ever imagined, and training every single part of my body.

It’s good fun training with Martin. Although professional, he’s also extremely friendly and I found myself always looking forward to our sessions. It’s not all fun and games though, and that post workout burn is something I’ll never enjoy!! Ha ha!

It’s also important for me to mention the benefit that training with Martin had on my mental health. It gave me great focus and drive and truly helped to alleviate my anxiety.

Physically, I lost just over half a stone overall but gained muscle in every part of my body. I dropped a dress size just in time for the big day, and felt absolutely wonderful in my dress.  Now I feel strong, confident, and healthier than ever before and it 100% is down to Martin’s encouragement and tough workout regime.

I honestly cannot recommend Martin enough, whether you want to challenge yourself or simply look the best you ever have. Trust me! It has been such a pleasure and I’m looking forward to challenging and pushing myself even further, now that I have the knowledge and understanding of training properly. Thanks Martin!” – Claire Fitzgerald

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When you work with MMPT your training is tailored specifically for you, meaning you don’t waste time and energy doing the wrong things.

You’ll do the best exercises for your body and goals instead of not knowing what to do and trying to copy others around you.

With expert coaching you’ll learn the right technique for every exercise so that you won’t have to worry about nagging injuries ever again.

You’ll be taught better nutrition habits to give you more energy, fuel your workouts and improve your recovery from training.

With all that you’ve got a coach in your corner that’s with you every step of the way providing you with support, accountability and motivation so you finally have a body to be proud of.

“Martin is a highly personable and professional trainer. An absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone, especially those who are not natural gym goers. You will be put fully at ease and will see amazing progress!” – Andrea Neilan

Once you see and feel the difference in yourself the idea is that you’ll have the confidence to wear whatever you like.

Does that sound good to you?

How much better could your life be if you say yes to this?

Who or what could you become? What doors could open for you?

When you’re happier and more confident in yourself it shows in all other aspects of your life.

Your relationships, your career, anything!

You could get all this and finally get what you want or you can go it alone.

If you’re here right now you’ve probably tried and failed before possibly multiple times.

Maybe you did the wrong things, injured yourself or because you didn’t get the results you wanted you became fed up and quit.

Nothing is worse than feeling like you’ve wasted time and energy.

If you don’t take action now and finally make this change, what will happen next?

Will you stay the same? Could your situation get even worse?

If you don’t change something you’re more likely to repeat the zero progress cycle. Right up until the point you lose the desire to change because it hurts too badly when you fail.


“Martin is one of the loveliest and attentive trainers I’ve ever worked with. Coming to him I already had a good level of fitness but he worked with me to make a program that not only challenged and pushed me beyond my capabilities but ensured we had a fun and positive session each time we trained so it never felt like work. I had a goal to lose a few kg and tone up for a wedding in only 8 weeks and with his training and nutrition advice I reached my goal and now feel stronger, fitter and my confidence has sky rocketed! Couldn’t have done it without him and would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Martin :D” – Emma Reid


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I’ve spent years in college and doing courses, spent thousands on my craft and have years of trial and error so that my clients get the very best from me. The testimonials (from people just like you) show a proven track record of success.

Give me 6 months and we will transform you together. I want to make this completely risk free for you. If you followed the nutrition advice, did all your training sessions and haven’t improved in at least three of five quantifiable fitness measures, I’ll simply return your money.

But here’s the thing. I would love to help everyone but there are only so many hours in the day to physically devote my clients.

Spaces are very limited. My 1-2-1 roster is always above 20 clients and I coach no more than 10 clients online. That way everyone gets the best possible service. Hopefully service you avail of too.

If you want to get amazing results to be proud of, fill out this quick and simple application form and let’s take the first step to a new you.

I lost 8.5 lbs in 4 weeks and 3 inches off my waistline.
I didn’t think it would be possible in such a short time as I was so unfit at the start.
Martin is a fantastic trainer and such a nice guy. The sessions were tailored to my specific goals and were much more doable and enjoyable than I expected. I would definitely recommend Martin to anyone who wants to get fit or lose weight. I just wish I had done this sooner” – Emer Cunningham


P.S. If you don’t jump at this opportunity now, I get it. It’s hard to take a leap of faith sometimes.

I just don’t want you regretting it.

That’s why I want to make it as easy as possible for you with the money back guarantee.

If we talk and you say “No thanks” that’s completely fine. You tried right?

But if you’re fed up of not getting results, of not being happy, and you want to see the other side.

I’m just a click of a button away.

The choice is yours.

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Here’s what some other MMPT clients had to say of their experience.

“Trained with Martin for 1 year. Had the best results that I have ever had during training. Moreover it was very fun, so I always had a nice mood after training as a bonus. Definitely recommend! – Maria Fedorova

“I was looking to get fit in my 40’s. I had tried working out myself and exercise classes with little success. Through working with Martin I‘m stronger and fitter now than I ever was in my 20’s, and my body shape has completely changed.  He continually changes the workouts, pushes you to reach goals but knows when you’ve hit your max. I’ve never had an injury in the 2 years Martin has been training me. I now have more focus, better results and a coach who listens to what you want to achieve and works with you to get there.

Definitely recommend Martin, if you have a goal you want to reach whatever that is he will work with you and encourage you to achieve it.  You get a programme tailored to you that changes as you progress. Unlike a lot of PT’s Martin has a wealth of knowledge and understands how each exercise impacts on the body. I’ve trained with a number of coaches over the years and Martin stands out, he has huge knowledge and experience having trained clients of all ages and fitness levels.”  – Grainne Conroy

“Martin is a brilliant professional. Can keep you focus and help you to reach your goals! Very easy going person and friendly! I highly recommend Martin” – Ana Rita Conceição

“Martin is a very talented personal trainer. He is very prepared but also extremely understanding and focused on his client traits. I’ve been training with him since 2017 and he keeps adapting our sessions to my goals, still ensuring I have a good time by having me always involved, even when we were working on my recovery from bad sciatica.  I feel I can express any doubt or uncertainty concerning my fitness path to him and he will always answer in a competent and reassuring way. His good vibe is contagious.” – Giulia Citrolo

“Excellent trainer, focused, kind but tough” – Grainne Humphreys

“Martin is a great personal trainer. He takes the time at the start to determine your goals, injuries, diet, activity level etc. and caters your workout for you. He’s very encouraging and can answer any health or fitness related question you may have. And believe me, I had TONNES! Because Martin is qualified in Athletic Therapy, he knows a lot of fitness and the way the body works, so there’s no fear of getting injured when you’re working with him.  I did 4 sessions with a different personal trainer before and I got absolutely nothing out of it. I got more out of one session with Martin than the 4 with her. You can tell he’s really passionate about what he does and is very invested in helping his clients lead active, healthy lives.” – Lorna Christie

“Martin provides an excellent, professional and informative support as a personal trainer. He tailors the programmes to meet the particular needs of the individual and has helped me to feel more comfortable and confident in the gym, which can be a daunting place for an over 50 female rookie!!! I like the fact that he sets realistic and achievable goals that make sense!!” – Sue Kane

“Great personal trainer, great person as well!” – Fernanda Groetaers

“I’ve been training with Martin for the past few months, the 1 on 1 coaching has been great for helping me to increase the weights I am lifting and also provides accountability to make sure I turn up to each session whether it’s a solo session or a PT session. My form has greatly improved and I’m also more confident when doing my solo workouts as I now have a deeper understanding of how to work each muscle group and have alternatives for each exercise. I’d definitely recommend Martin, he knows his stuff and is also lovely to chat to throughout your workout. Thanks Martin!” – Gemma O Rourke


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