Would you like to look more like a marvel super hero?

You probably think it’s near impossible or it would take years but it’s closer than you might think.

Take Hugh Jackman (also known as Wolverine from the X-Men movies) and his transformation.

Zero to Hero

All this took was a dedicated approach to training and nutrition.

Methods I can show you to help you save time and effort in the gym, improve your health and fitness and discover a new found confidence.

Most importantly you could eliminate the pain of feeling too skinny or overweight and be happier with your new physique.

Allow me to introduce you to the….

Zero to Hero Body Transformation

The Zero to Hero transformation will help you go from skinny or overweight to a stronger, leaner, more muscular physique.

With this transformation you’ll gain so much more confidence when you see the changes in the mirror.

  • Get bigger arms
  • A wider chest and shoulders
  • Stronger abs
  • And powerful legs to complete your hero body


“Martin is a great PT. Have been with him for a good few months and can really see the benefits of increased strength in arms and legs, increased muscle and function. The plans are easy to follow and he does push you to your max!” – Eamon Laird

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When you work with MMPT your training is tailored specifically for you, meaning you don’t waste time and energy doing the wrong things.

You’ll do the best exercises for your body and goals instead of not knowing what to do and trying to copy others around you.

With expert coaching you’ll learn the right technique for every exercise so that you won’t have to worry about nagging injuries ever again.

You’ll be taught better nutrition habits to give you more energy, fuel your workouts and improve your recovery from training.

With all that you’ve got a coach in your corner that’s with you every step of the way providing you with support, accountability and motivation so you finally have a physique to be proud of.


“I got one to one training with Martin and it was essential for my training. I had been going to the gym for years and saw little results. When I changed gym and got Martin to train me and everything changed. I saw great results from the beginning and I’m really enjoying my training and going to the gym. Martin is a great guy, v professional and genuinely interested in you getting results”                    – Brian Philbin


How much better could your life be if you say yes to this?

Who or what could you become? What doors could open for you?

When you’re happier and more confident in yourself it shows in all other aspects of your life.

Your relationships, your career, anything!

You could get all this and finally get what you want or you can go it alone.

 If you’re here right now you’ve probably tried and failed before possibly multiple times.

Maybe you did the wrong things, injured yourself or because you didn’t get the results you wanted you became fed up and quit.

Nothing is worse than feeling like you’ve wasted time and energy.

If you don’t take action now and finally make this change, what will happen next?

Will you stay the same? Could your situation get even worse?

If you don’t change something you’re more likely to repeat the zero progress cycle. Right up until the point you lose the desire to change because it hurts too badly when you fail.

“Martin’s a great PT. Knows when to push you that little bit extra. Have seen a definite improvement in muscle mass. Who knew there were so many muscles!?” – Noel Noblett


I’ve spent years in college and doing courses, spent thousands on my craft and have years of trial and error so that my clients get the very best from me. The testimonials (from people just like you) show a proven track record of success.

Give me 6 months and we will transform you together. I want to make zero to hero completely risk free for you. If you followed the nutrition advice, did all your training sessions and haven’t improved in at least three of five quantifiable fitness measures, I’ll simply return your money.

But here’s the thing. I would love to help everyone but there are only so many hours in the day to physically devote my clients.

Spaces are very limited. My 1-2-1 roster is always above 20 clients and I coach no more than 10 clients online. That way everyone gets the best possible service. Hopefully service you avail of too.

If you want to get amazing zero to hero results to be proud of, fill out this quick and simple application form and let’s take the first step to a new you.

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“Martin has been coaching me for a few weeks and I’m really happy with the results so far. I consider myself an intermediate and I was feeling stuck, little results in the last couple of months. With Martin’s help I’ve been able to lift more weight every week. He also gave me the basics of good training and a number of tips, so even on the days I’m working out by myself I follow my workout program properly, don’t injure myself and substitute some exercises”. – Diogo Lopez


P.S. If you don’t jump at this opportunity now, I get it. It’s hard to take a leap of faith sometimes.

I just don’t want you regretting it.

That’s why I want to make it as easy as possible for you with the money back guarantee.

If we talk and you say “No thanks” that’s completely fine. You tried right?

But if you’re fed up of not getting results, of not being happy, and you want to see the other side.

I’m just a click of a button away.

The choice is yours.

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Here’s what some other MMPT clients had to say of their experience.

“Martin is an Excellent Personal Trainer, I have been working with Martin for 1.5 years, he helped me improve my fitness and overall strength pre-hip replacement surgery and continues to bring new approaches and a coaching style that has resulted in consistency in my training. Great guy, you won’t be disappointed.” – Vincent Callan

“Trained with Martin for 1.5 years (while I was in Dublin). He is THE most professional, attentive and caring personal trainer I’ve ever had. In addition to this – very kind and smart guy.      Definitely recommend!” – Anton Fedorov

“Martin’s expertise has gotten me back from injury to a healthy place, all the while with good humour and training that varies to keep things interesting. I always go in knowing the session will be productive and trust Martin to deliver!” – Garóg Holohan

“Martin is extremely pleasant to train with. I absolutely cannot recommend him highly enough!” – José Paulo Mercadante

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